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Challenge #10 Jayne Quotage

Challenge #10 Jayne Quotage

Challenge #10 is icons featuring quotes either by or directly about Jayne. If you need some suggestions, you may use some of these:

1. "Shiny, let's be bad guys!" ~Jayne in "Serenity" (the movie)

2. "You're a very up person." ~Wash to Jayne in "Bushwhacked"

3. "You guys had a riot? On account of me? My very own riot?" ~Jayne in "Jaynestown"

4. "Hell, I don't know. If I had wanted schooling, I'da gone to school." ~Jayne in "Ariel"

5. "Well, that one's kind of horrific." ~Mal about Jayne in "Heart of Gold"

You can find more quotes over at Can't Take the Sky

You can have images in the quote icon rather than just a texture background, but please make sure that the quote is the main focus.

3 icons (one for each quote.)

Entries due on September 21st, two weeks from today Comments are screened.
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